1. Heineken

    Respect…Quality…Enjoyment Since its inception in 1863, Heineken N.V. has believed that in order to fulfill certain values our company must be a responsible one. We are dedicated to the quality and integrity of our products. Read More
  2. Amstel

    The beer was named after the river Amstel that runs through the city. Amstel Brouwerij B.V. quickly became one of the biggest brewing companies in Europe and its merger with Heineken N.V in 1968 represented a milestone in its history, strengthening the position of the Amstel brand. Read More
  3. Duvel

    With a light yellow color, the Belgian beer, Duvel, tastes slightly sweet and has the essence of orange. What makes it special is the process post-bottling. The yeast used has been produced since 1930, and therefore its alcohol content is 8.5%. Read More
  4. Chimay

    Original Belgian monastery beer, in three variants: red, white and blue with alcohol content respectively: 7%, 8% and 9%. It is produced using the Kabanias method, where the yeast has been preserved since 1949. The water used for its production comes from the source of the monastery "Scour Mont", without the addition of any chemicals. Read More
  5. Elbar

    There is always a reason to be with friends: ELBAR. A new Albanian beer is presented in the market as the best choice for true friends. Read More

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